Using Sonic Brush Guard


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Using Sonic Brush Guard

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Brushing Your Teeth  Clean Teeth Cleaner and Recharger 
When it's time to brush your teeth you take the "Sonic Brush Guard" out of cleaner/recharger. You put your favorite toothpaste on the bristles. Then you put it in your mouth it starts automatically and plays your favorite song. It will take one minute to finish brushing all of your teeth and gums and when it is done it says “You’re done!” and your teeth are clean. The cleaner and recharger is a cylinder that you put the “Sonic Brush Guard” in to clean the bristles and recharge the batteries. There is a shelf that holds the “Sonic Brush Guard.” You push it down and when it is done cleaning and recharging it pops up like a toaster and plays your favorite music. If you want to change the music it plays you hook it up to your computer and you download your favorite songs.