The Animal Detector Belt uses the technology of e-nose sensors and a
computer microprocessor.  The history of these two technologies is
listed in a timeline below.

E-nose History Timeline
1950 - The first odor detector sensor was made.
1980s - Warwick University in England made an odor detector called
  the "electron nose."
2001 - An e-nose sensor went up in a space shuttle.

Computer-Microprocessor History Timeline
400 B.C.- The Chinese made the first counting machine called the
1642 -  Blaise Pascal made the first machine calculator.
1801 -  Jacquard  from France made a loom that worked by punch
1832 -  Charles Babbage made a machine that could add, subtract,
 multiply, and divide.
1944 -  The first computers were built in Philadelphia and at Harvard
1970s - Small home computers could be bought.  The first
microprocesor was made by Intel in 1971.