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(Osteoprosthetic growth)


b. Growth Hormone

Since the 1920s it has been recognized that growth hormone plays a significant role in growing tissues.  It is known that growth hormone causes an increase in the number and size of cells.  The mechanism by which growth hormone does this is only partially understood. 


Studies have shown the growth hormone causes the release of Insulin Like Growth Factors (IGFs).  These IGFs bind with Insulin Like Growth Factor Binding Proteins (IGFBP).  This binding allows the IGFs to be transported to their target cells and also regulates the activity of the IGFs once they reach the cells.



           In 1978 the amino acid sequence of the IGFs was discovered. Since 1995 the structure of the receptor sites on the cells has been determined. This information is being used in current research to determine the mechanisms by which IGFs and IGFBPs effect cell growth and replication.

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