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(Osteoprosthetic growth)


a. Prosthetics

            The biggest advantage of today’s prosthetic technology is that the prosthetic bone has the ability to expand while the child is growing, and that it doesn’t require yearly surgeries to replace the prosthetic bone with that of a larger prosthesis

             Prosthetic technology available today, has only recently been approved by the FDA, and has many adverse side effects, due to the unnatural growing process.   These problems include regular trips to the doctors by the patient, as the bone should only be expanded at a maximum rate of 2cm per session. A painful and unnatural growth stint that occurs in a matter of second and can hyper-elongate the leg, causing muscle tears. 

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          Another problem with this prosthesis is that patients occasionally require crutches after lengthening, and many times won’t come back for the next growth session due to the pain involved.  The electromagnetic field also presents a problem as it actually melts material inside the body, which is a dangerous and risky procedure.  Lastly, overexposing the patient to the electromagnetic field leads to tissue damage. 


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