Consequences - the "Result" of innovation


(Osteoprosthetic growth)


e. Ethical:

§         What percent of a person will have to be “human” to maintain the rights of a human being?  At what point is someone “dehumanized”? 

§         Will prosthetics be considered a part of the natural evolution of man, or something that is no longer human?

§         Will special laws have to be made to govern those with prosthetics?

§         Doctors will have to weigh the costs and benefits of these implants against the surgical and long-term risks.

 f. Government:      

The government is aware that advances in technology hold great promise for individuals in our society with some of the greatest need, but there is also great danger.

  • In 2001 The National Bioethics Advisory commission urged new federal legislation creating a single National Office for Human Research Oversight. 

  •  Regulatory bodies will have to be developed to oversee that guidelines are followed regarding the research, development and implementation of technologies such as the one we propose.

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