Consequences - the "Result" of innovation


(Osteoprosthetic growth)



      Medical advances of this type can have significant consequences.  Here are some possible questions that will have to be answered:

 a. Economic:

         Will regular insurance companies be expected to pay for these types of prosthetics, and what impacts will that have on the employer who pays a portion of the premiums and on the employee who has to pay higher premiums to cover these kinds of services?

          Will special insurance programs develop like those for long-term health care?

         Should society pay through government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid? 

         There is a potential impact on hospitals, should they absorb the costs of people without insurance, or should medical insurance companies change to handle it? 


 b. Psychological:

         Will special counseling for those who have implants be needed?  Will a field of psychologists and psychiatrists specifically devoted to this group develop?

         Schools may have to start implementing programs to work on children accepting individuals with prosthetics.

          New forms of prejudice may develop against people with prosthetics because they are seen as different and in a minority?

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