Breakthrough - the "KEY" of innovation


(Osteoprosthetic growth)


         Many of the materials that would be needed for this technology to come around have either not been invented or they haven’t been tested to interact with one another. 

 a. Bio-receptors

           The nanobots that are used must also have some sort of failsafe built into them so the nanotechnology must also be capable of responding to the human body through bio-receptors so that it may be able to “read” the body so that it may respond accordingly. That they may be shut down and collected if they do defect.  This would probably be done by means of a nanosensor, which would receive a signal from an outside control.  This however would require a breakthrough in communication between the nanobots and the human users. 

 b. Nanosensorsa NO sensor using Nano-Sensor Technology

         This leads to the next breakthrough—Nanosensors.  Nanosensors are needed to detect and respond to chemicals in the humane body, while others need to be able to respond to wireless communication for diagnostics and adjustments         
<current: a Nitrogen monoxide sensor using Nano-Sensor Technology>

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