Ergonomic Handling

At present there are several devices that offer a
better way to transfer patients.

Air Assisted Lateral Sliding Aids are air
mattresses that have holes in them so that the
patient is moved from the bed to the gurney on a
cushion of air.

Mechanical Lateral Transfer Aids are
mechanical devices that use a hand or motorized
crank to slide the patient on and off the gurney.

Friction Reducing Lateral Sliding Aids are
simple smooth cloth sheets with handles that are
used to pull the patient between the gurney and

Sliding Boards are rigid boards that are used to
help slide the patient from one place to another.
A common problem
with these devices is
that the device must
be placed under the
patient before every
move, meaning that
the patient has to be
rolled over or lifted,
making it
uncomfortable for the