How does it work?

Most days, the EpiWatch is a watch.  But what if you accidentally eat or touch something you’re very allergic to?  What if you are stung by a bee?  What if you go into anaphylactic shock?  If you’re wearing the EpiWatch you can:

  • Punch in your pass-code.

  • The EpiWatch will give you Epinephrine with microneedles.  They are so small that they don't hit any nerves.  No more fear of a painful needle!

  • The cell phone part of the EpiWatch will call 911 and your emergency contact.

  • The GPS part of the EpiWatch will tell the ambulance where you are.

  • The computer chip part of the EpiWatch has your medical information for doctors at the hospital.
  • The epinephrine part is refillable.

Outside view (Left) Inside view (Right)

epiwatch Diagram


Available in many different cool colors!
Create your own watch band!