Factors That Affect Foot Temperature

1. Outside temperature-colder temperatures will make your feet get colder quicker.
2. Thickness of socks-thin socks mean less insulation to protect your feet
3. Sock Material-wool works best by absorbing wetness fom perspiration
4. Fit of boot-a tight fit of the boot will cause a decrease in circulation of blood to the feet and result in cold feet.
5. Circulation of body 's blood-some medical conditions in elderly people can lead to poor circulation and result in cold feet.
6. Thickness of insulation in boot-the greater the insulation from the cold the warmer the feet will stay
7. Type of insulation in boot-thinsulate works better then foam.

Developed by a company called 3M in 1978. Thinsulate is made of microfibers that form tiny air pockets that trap our body's heat and reflect it back to keep us warm. It is lightweight and compression resistant.