Lab on a Chip

A better method of testing for performance enhancing drugs in sports: nanobiosensors


Positive Consequences:

  • It would reduce the impact of performance enhancing drugs in sports.
  • Competition would return to being safe, fair and honest.
  • Athletes would not risk taking these drugs as the chances of being discovered would be increased.
  • The long term health of the athletes would improve without these drugs
  • Athletes would be better role models to the next generation of athletes.
  • It would allow a drug testing process that would not be invasive or humiliating to the athlete.
  • More convenient and less expensive.

Negative Consequence:

It can be considered an invasion of privacy. This patch is a constant monitor while it is worn and can be considered to limit the athlete's personal freedom. The widespread use of this monitor will involve addressing some ethical issues about the right to privacy.