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Remedy for Website Boredom

Try to solve our official interactive CVC puzzle! Just click the above picture.

Our Prototype

Here's a photo of a model CVC in one of its applications (as a window). Position your mouse over certain parts of the picture to find out what they do.

Test Your CVC Knowledge

Q1: What does the acronym CVC stand for?

a) Chloro-Voltaic Cell
b) Canadian Vacuum Cleaners
c) Choose Very Carefully
d) Chessy Volleyballs and Crayons

Q2: What is the name of the sophisticated structure that causes unidirectional electron movement?

a) Iad
b) Triad
c) Liad
d) Pikachu

Q3: In the CVC (and photosynthesis), what are the molecules that transfer energy to the reaction centre called?

a) transport cells
b) electron transport chains
c) antennae
d) reaction rings

Q4: Currently, what is the maximum efficiency of conventional solar cells?

a) 3.1415926...%
b) around 35%
c) just under 72%
d) 110.3%

Q5: Between which two images does our animated logo (see top left corner of this page) alternate?

a) A tutu and an eggplant
b) An alien and another alien
c) A Jaguar XKR Convertible and a BMW Z3 Coupe : )
d) A flower and the sun shining on a solar cell

Answers: 1. a) 2. a) 3. c) 4. b) 5. d)

We'd Like to Express Our Sincere Gratitude Toward:

Toshiba, for funding the contest, and for their lovely cameras :)

NSTA, for holding the contest and evaluating all those entries

Macromedia, for their impressive Flash and Dreamweaver programs, which we used extensively

DMCI and Mrs. Segall, for introducing us to the contest and providing us with an invaluable learning opportunity

Final Fantasy VII, for their fabulous music that plays during the Flash intro

Dr. Alvin Marks, for helping us understand some complex ideas

Our pal Alan Liu, for answering so many annoying HTML questions

And our parents, for everything

Thanks so much!