The Nano Mist
This is a 100 nanometer Nano Mist liposome

Nano Mist: A Future Diabetes Cure

Our invention, the Nano Mist (patent number US60/918,662), is a smart drug that can constantly monitor a diabetic's glucose level and release insulin as the body needs it using liposome nanoencapsulation and glucose receptors. This is a model we built to represent the cross section of a 100 nanometer liposome from our Nano Mist. The model is a hemisphere with a diameter of 7.5 inches. Click on the thumbnails below to see our prototype model. Your browser may ask you to download an ActiveX control.

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  • Prototype Model Cross Section
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With only one nasal spray per month, our Nano Mist inhaler contains billions of nano-sized liposomes that will respond to rising blood glucose levels by releasing precise doses of insulin when needed. This breakthrough is made possible by the use of liposome nanoencapsulation and glucose receptors, two technologies which were developed for anti-cancer treatment.

liposomeLiposomes are spherical alignments of lipids that can be used to nanoencapsulate drugs. In our Nano Mist, each liposome contains millions of particles of insulin. The liposomes are each covered by thousands of snake-like glucose receptors. As blood glucose levels rise, glucose will bind with these receptors, causing the liposome to release nano-doses of insulin into the bloodstream. Billions of these liposomes will work together in a diabetic's blood stream to create a stable glucose level.

We have based our invention on the advice of several experts in the fields of diabetes, medicine and nanotechnology. We have even had our Nano Mist design reviewed by many professionals, including a doctor of pharmacy from Aetna insurance, who is in charge of approving new drugs. She told us that our idea is viable, and that we should submit a grant proposal for funds to continue product testing.

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Nano Mist BottleThe Nano Mist will replace all of a diabetic's glucose monitoring and insulin delivery equipment. Not only is the Nano Mist a painless alternative, it will provide smooth and accurate control of a diabetic's blood glucose level. Whereas insulin injections release shock amounts of insulin several times a day and cause the diabetic's glucose level to spike up and down, and insulin pumps rely on either the diabetic or a machine to check their glucose level and set the insulin dial correctly, the glucose receptors built into the liposomes of the Nano Mist ensure that insulin is released in direct correlation to the diabetic's glucose level. With the Nano Mist, a diabetic's glucose level can be managed almost as accurately as it would be if they still had a functioning pancreas. This will prevent the diabetic from experiencing dangerous diabetic complications such as neuropathy, retinopathy, amputation, stroke, and heart attack.

The Nano Mist can also be used to prevent type 2 diabetes in patients. Any non-diabetic can take the Nano Mist in a smaller dose as a way to help prevent type 2 diabetes from beginning its vicious cycle, or to slow down the cycle. The liposomes of the Nano Mist can circulate harmlessly through a non-diabetic's blood stream, and in the event that the patient does begin to experience hyperglycemia, they will start to release insulin to return the glucose level to normal.