The Nano Mist
This is a 100 nanometer Nano Mist liposome

Consequences of Using the Nano Mist

The Nano Mist will revolutionize diabetes management.

Because the Nano Mist controls a diabetic's glucose level with unprecedented accuracy, diabetics using it will be able to prevent or delay the all-too-common complications of the disease. The Nano Mist will save lives.

With current diabetes treatment technology, insulin is released through shots or inhalants in shock amounts that cause the diabetic's glucose level to spike up and down. Even if the diabetic has an insulin pump, they still have to test their glucose level several times a day to correct the pump's settings. With the Nano Mist, a diabetic's glucose level can be managed almost as accurately and effortlessly as if they still had a functioning pancreas. The glucose receptors in Nano Mist ensure that insulin is released in direct correlation to the diabetic's glucose level. The consequence of a diabetic having more accurate and steady glucose levels is that they will be saved from experiencing the horrible and often deadly complications that are connected to diabetes such as neuropathy, retinopathy, amputation, stroke, and heart attack.

The Nano Mist is painless. It can control insulin levels with infrequent nasal sprays, as opposed to several painful shots each day. Even more valuable, a diabetic using the Nano Mist won't have to constantly check their glucose level and worry if they are managing their diabetes well.


The Nano Mist will save the diabetic money. The Nano Mist will be much more economical than any of today's diabetes treatments. Because it uses a simple and practical design based on self-assembling biological nanosystems, the NanoMist can easily be mass produced in low cost laboratories. Eliminating the cost of glucose meters and their expensive replacement strips, the Nano Mist will be more cost effective than even the cheapest diabetes treatments, and way more cost effective than the best insulin pumps on the market, which can cost over $7000 a month.

The Nano Mist will reduce health care costs because it eliminates diabetic complications that are not only deadly, but also costly. Complications such as neuropathy, retinopathy, amputation, stroke, and heart attack are what make diabetes cost the U.S. economy over $132 Billion annually. In fact, 1 out of every 10 health care dollars is currently spent on diabetes.


One negative side affect that could result from using the Nano Mist is that the nasal cavity could be irritated by the spray. Irritation has been a noticed problem with drugs inhaled through the lungs, which is why we chose to use the safer nasal cavity. We believe that any irritation would be local and infrequent. If testing shows that some patients experience discomfort, we believe that this will be offset by the very infrequent usage needed.

A second possible negative side affect is that excessive lipids can cause an increase in cholesterol because we are adding lipids to the human body. If testing shows this as a problem, the patient's diet can be modified to account for it. However, it is very unlikely that this will be an issue. The rise in cholesterol will be negligible, and the benefits of the Nano Mist to a diabetic will far surpass this issue.

A third possible negative consequence is economic. If companies involved in the manufacture of modern diabetic supplies do not change their focus to adapt to the market, they could be hurt financially.