The Nano Mist
This is a 100 nanometer Nano Mist liposome

Breakthroughs Required for the Nano Mist

More research needs to be done about the specifics of the Nano Mist design, such as the glucose receptors and their ability to release the proper amount of insulin. Although we know through research that our concept of using glucose receptors will work, we need to research how many receptors need to be present on the liposome, and how much glucose must bond with them before insulin is released, as well as how much insulin will be in each liposome.

To receive FDA approval, we will need to conduct clinical testing of the Nano Mist. This will include in vitro and in vivo animal testing, as well as three phases of human clinical testing to test the safety and efficacy of the drug. This can take up to 10 years.

Diabetes kills as many people as HIV/Aids, but receives only a fraction of the funding. Lack of awareness limits current funding for diabetic research.

To increase awareness about diabetes, we not only helped pass the recent United Nations Diabetes Resolution, but we also drafted our own Ohio resolution to lower health care costs by encouraging businesses and insurance companies to cover diabetic costs and education. It is being introduced into the Ohio Senate.